Epic Paintball Highlights

Epic Paintball Park in central Oklahoma City is a high-end entertainment facility for:
Birthday parties, Church groups, Bachelorette and Bachelor parties, Corporate team building, School and University parties, and paintball enthusiasts. 

Latest Technology and Equipment 

• Our Rental Fleet of markers are light weight, faster & more accurate shots, has lighter trigger pulls and less kick to make your experience more enjoyable.
• We offer full face masks with high ventilation (see gallery for comparison to other competitors masks)
• Epic has the most up to date in safety devices to protect everyone (barrel covers not dangerous barrel plugs)
• High grade paintballs that fly straight, break upon impact, are water soluble, non-staining and most important less painful 
Epic uses a top of the line low impact paintball for less bounce and better breaks.   
Exclusive lightweight carbon fiber tank option for only $5 additional per player for low impact -- 45% lighter tank, 3" shorter but holds up to 35% more air for a better gaming experience. (10 units available)  Small .13/3000 tanks are light but have nearly 6 times less air than our lightweight carbon option.  
• Epic takes time to fit masks, explain the rules in depth , and prep the group for a safe fun time.  Its best to arrive 15-30 mins early if you want to start at your
appointed time.   

Large and Unique Fields 

• Epic currently has 7 playing fields with 11 more to follow
• Fields include: Totes (1.1 acres), Tires (0.88 acre), Barrels (0.81 acre), Spools (1.03 acres), Airball, and Island .. Epic does have a woodsball field under development that you are allowed to play but is currently being groomed.
• The fields are in very close proximity to each other.  Less walking distance which reduces fatigue during hot & cold weather 
• Visit our Facebook page for videos and pictures of players on the fields.
• Clients have asked how large our fields are, so we are showing you a size comparison to other local area fields.  Click this link. Field Size Comparison

Low Impact Paintball Option 

• Epic offers low impact paintball option for the same price as standard paintball
• Low impact Reduces impact by 60% using a smaller ball size
• Epic uses top of the line low impact paintballs
• Available to ages 7+  (children below age 10 should wear a baseball cap to help the mask fit more comfortably)
• Low impact can allow players to wear less protective clothing thus staying cooler in hot Oklahoma weather.
• Epic's Low impact markers shoot the same feet per sec (fps) that our .68 standard markers shoot for great range. 

Family and Group Friendly

• Covered picnic tables to beat the heat, great for large groups or individuals or to hold your party's activities.
• Bottled water and soft drinks available for purchase for a dollar each.
• Paved parking lot to handle 150+ cars 
• 4G coverage for all guests to access the web 
• Outside food and beverages welcome. Alcohol such as beer or wine are acceptable (not to be consumed during play)
• Epic added a large misting fan to help cool the staging area during hot summer days.  

Location Location Location

• Epic is the only paintball park approved by OKC to do business inside the city limits. Located just East of Yukon on I-40
• Centrally located providing easy access from N.W. & S.W. OKC metro, Warr Acres, Bethany, Mustang, Yukon, Tinker AFB, Midwest City, Piedmont, Edmond, Moore and Norman 
• Nearby facilities, convenience stores and restaurants. Love's, McDonalds, Sonic, Subway, Ricky's Mexican, & Popeye's Chicken 
Birthday Groups -  Fresh Ice cream, Cookies, and Cakes are close by:
Braum's Ice Cream & Burger is only 2 miles West of I-40 & Morgan Rd.  (111 S Mustang Rd, Yukon, OK) (
405) 324-0772 
Braum's Ice Cream & Burger is only 2 miles East of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (200 S Council Rd, Oklahoma City, OK)  (405) 495-5400
Great American Cookies is only 2.8 miles East of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (7650 W Reno Ave H-815, Oklahoma City, OK) 
(405) 437-2018
Buttersweet Cupcakes is only 2.9 miles West of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (817 S Mustang Rd, Yukon, OK) (405) 265-4994

Pizza for Pick Up 
All American Pizza is only 2.5 miles West of I-40 and Morgan Rd. (342 N Mustang Rd, Yukon, OK)  
(405) 324-5551
Pizza Inn is only 3.8 miles East of I-40 and Morgan Rd. (6801 SW 3rd St, Oklahoma City) (405) 789-2626

Pizza for Delivery
Epic Paintball Customers get a Special VIP Discount at Marco's Pizza! Located at 509 W Vandament Ave in Yukon, OK, 
Call them at 405-474-7788 and mention that your delivery is for a game session at Epic Paintball Park and they will take 20% off of your entire order! (Delivery Only. Must Be Delivered to Epic Paintball Park. $8.99 minimum after discount) 
Dominos Pizza is only 4.7 miles North West of I-40 & Morgan Rd. (120 W Vandament Ave, Yukon, OK) 
(405) 350-1451

Waze and Google Maps work best for finding our park,  
• • Apple GPS phone users are being misdirected to get back on Interstate I-40 East,,, Epic is on the service road south of the sign.

Epic Paintball Park

9420 West Interstate 40 Service Road,

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Phone. 405-679-3742

Email. epicpaintballpark@yahoo.com

Weekend Bookings: 
Saturday 10:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:30pm 
Appointment highly advised
walk ons - call ahead

Weekday Bookings:
Mon.-Fri. 10:00am - 5:30pm
By Appointment Only
(Deposit required no exception)
  (6 players min.  Mon. - Fri.) 

             GET DIRECTIONS 

                    Directions to Epic:
Interstate I-40  & Morgan Rd. (exit #140) Turn East

on SW. 8th Street 
Follow the I-40 service road East
past Terex
(ignore dead end signs)  
Continue 1 mile
to our parking lot just south of the large EPIC sign

Its best to arrive 15 min before start time for
ask fitment, safety briefing & other preparations 
required before you start your first game.