Upgrade your experience at our park with the best rental package in Oklahoma.
• Lighter Marker less fatigue & easier to aim

• Better accuracy & better balanced feel

• PAL helps eliminate having to shake the hopper

• No chopped balls, clean barrel is a happy barrel.

Shaking the hopper to feed the balls you stray off target. If you are not shooting,  you are an open target. Don't let the competition get the advantage upgrade on your coming visit.

This package will improve your play for a small charge of only $10 per gun.  Sunday Special and Birthdays 50% discount. $5 per marker.  EMEK is available for LOW and Standard Impact markers.  LOW IMPACT EMEK have Carbon Fiber tanks for 45% Lighter and smaller size but holds more air than a standard tank.  EPIC is the only field in Oklahoma offering this better experience. 

EPIC has the best prices in the USA on this upgrade see how our $5/$10 price compares

https://www.skirmish.com/rates/paintball-rental-upgrades/ - $30.00
https://westworldpaintball.com/ - $19.95
https://adrenalinepaintball.com/up-grades/ - $20.00
https://www.extremepaintball.net/player-pricing - $15.00
https://www.paintballatlanta.com/pricing - $15.00
https://www.gatorpaintball.info/paintball - $13.95

Don't miss out on the extra fun of playing with the best. 

Click the image below to play video of the PAL hopper in action.

Epic Paintball Park

9420 West Interstate 40 Service Road,

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Phone. 405-679-3742

Email. epicpaintballpark@yahoo.com

             get directions 

 Directions to Epic:
 GPS: 35.45557 , -97.674029 
Interstate I-40  & Morgan Rd. (exit #140) go South 2 blocks and Turn East on SW. 8th Street Follow the I-40 service road East past TEREX (ignore dead end signs) Continue 1 mile to our parking lot just south of the large EPIC sign.

Its best to arrive 15 min before start time for ask fitment, safety briefing & other preparations required before you start your first game

Weekend Bookings: 
Saturday 10:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday 11:00am - 5:30pm 
Appointment highly advised
walk ons - call ahead

Weekday Bookings:
  By Appointment Only 
Mon.-Fri. 11:00am - 5:30pm
(Deposit required no exception)
  (8 players min.  Mon. - Fri.)
($105 deposit required)