Frequently Asked Questions 
Does it hurt?  
It is like getting snapped with a rubber band. Epic has rules in place (20 foot surrender and bunker rules) to reduce close shots from happening and all games are supervised. Most people say " its not bad at all"    Enjoy high-end PEG paintballs that hurt less than cheap bouncy OIL based paintballs.

Does the paint wash out of clothing?
Yes it does. Epic uses PEG not Oil based paintballs and we use yellow or white fill.  It simply washes off with water.  We do suggest washing your clothing the same day as play.

How many paintballs should we allow for?   
It varies from group to group. Epic's average is 700 a player.  Since 2016 only 2 groups out of 2,000+ groups went under 500
paintballs per player. 

• 500 Paintballs per player lasts 1 - 2 hours

• 1,000 Paintballs per player lasts 2 - 4 hours 

EPIC does not offer  no paintballs or 100 paintballs to start??  This is a nickel and dime approach to get your foot in the door with a low entry price but after you buy enough paintballs to have fun your bill is much higher.  

How is the booking deposit refunded?

Epic has a $5+(.20 cent paypal fee) per player holding deposit. This is to secure the group's spot and # of rentals.  We ask you to make your best guess on attending players.  Life can get in the way, so EPIC uses a 70% rule. If 70%+ of the booked party shows up a FULL refund is given.  If less than 70% show the refund is done per attending player. 

Example:  book 20 players show up with 15 your $100 deposit is credited toward the purchase or refunded back to the card holder.   If only 11 players of the 20 shows up then $55 would be refunded. 

I will have more players than I booked for?
If you are going to have extra players than what you booked for please have everyone fill out a waiver ahead of time. Epic can see on our software you will have more players and will bring extra paintballs.  Your original booking deposit will suffice.  If you will have over 10 extra players please call to confirm we have that much extra space.  This usually isn't a problem but best to call. 

How is bad weather handled?
Oklahoma weather can change very quickly and if conditions are unsafe to play or going to be just miserable such as a complete downpour then you can move your appointment to a different date or a refund of $5 per player can be given.   Epic does continue play in the rain or snow on the ground and we have thermal goggles that can be used during poor but playable weather conditions.

What should I wear? 
Clothing: Hot weather- Shorts and T-shirts allowed ,, Cooler weather - Jeans but always wear tennis shoes or boots with ankle support.

Time Limits? 
Epic doesn't currently enforce time limits at this time. Want to play a long time like 5 hours best to book early in the day.  

Epic Paintball Prices competitive?

Epic offers 500 paintballs = 1 BAG for $22.95 for every 3 bags you purchase get 1 FREE bag  
Some examples: 
Best price in light blue

Park A  500 balls: $20.00 
Park B  500 balls: $22.99  
Park C  500 balls: $20.00
EPIC     500 balls: $22.95

Park A 2,000 balls: $70.00
Park B 2,000 balls: $69.98 

Park C 2,000 balls: $75.00 

EPIC    2,000 balls: $68.85

Park A  5 cases (10,000 paintballs): $350.00 
Park B  5 cases (10,000 paintballs): $299.99

Park C  5 cases (10,000 paintballs): $375.00

EPIC     5 cases (10,000 paintballs): $299.95

Weekday Booking (min. 7 players to book)

Why pay $250 for a deposit?  EPIC is only $100 holding deposit during the week.
Many fields won't book during the week but EPIC will.  Here are some examples

Park A  10 players = ($250 deposit)  $249.95 (free 100 balls) + painballs = $39.00/player
Park A  10+  = $39 per player for 500 paintballs each + equipment
Park B  -- no weekday bookings 
Park C  ($250 deposit 3 day notice) Pricing - pending verification 

Group size during week (std. pricing other discounts could lower costs  ie Birthdays)
                      500 paintballs per player
10 players -  Park A = $390 , EPIC = $367
15 players - Park A = $585 , EPIC = $509
20 players - Park A = $779 ,  EPIC = $636
                       1,000 paintballs per player

10 players - Park A = $565  , EPIC = $549
15 players - Park A = $849  , EPIC = $749
20 players - Park A = $1,129 , EPIC = $999

     Birthday Special 500 paintballs per player
10 players - Park A = $390 , EPIC = $321
15 players - Park A = $585 , EPIC = $449
20 players - Park A = $779 , EPIC = $599

Above price comparison is without sales tax


Epic Paintball Park

9420 West Interstate 40 Service Road,

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Phone. 405-679-3742


             get directions 

                    Directions to Epic:
  GPS is 35.4555781 , -97.6740293 
Interstate I-40  & Morgan Rd. (exit #140) go South 2 blocks and Turn East on SW. 8th Street Follow the I-40 service road East past TEREX (ignore dead end signs) Continue 1 mile to our parking lot just south of the large EPIC sign.

Its best to arrive 15 min before start time for ask fitment, safety briefing & other preparations required before you start your first game


Weekend Bookings: 
Saturday 9:00am -6:00pm
Sunday 12:00am - 600pm 
Appointment highly advised
walk ons - call ahead

Weekday Bookings:
  By Appointment Only 
Mon.-Fri. 9:00am - 7:00pm
(Deposit required no exception)
  (7 players min.  Mon. - Fri.)
($100 deposit required)