• All markers will be tested at 285 fps or under. MAX is 300 fps Epic reserves the right to inspect and/or test the velocity of any marker used within the facility at any time. Refs will spot check players as needed with portable chronographs. Markers that test above the MAX will be warned, if marker can’t be kept under this limit a rental marker can be provided to you for the remainder of the day for a small fee. 

• All markers must have a trigger guard installed. THE MAXIMUM RATE OF FIRE IS 8 B.P.S. for rental/recreational play.    10.2 or 12.5 bps. PSP for tournaments will be allowed per PSP or Governing body rules for the tournament being held.

• All players need to be at least 7 years old to play at Epic but younger children are allowed to watch. (safety mask must fit child to watch, baseball cap will help fit the smaller children better)  

• Screaming hit, out, or raising your marker in the air means you are out, no matter what.

• When a player is hit, push the safety button on the marker and put the barrel cover back on to the end of the barrel. Walk off the field with the marker up in the air and your MASK ON.

• Never come into the staging area without your barrel cover. If a player in a group doesn't have their marker in safe mode near the staging area -- 1st offense is a warning , 2nd offense group sits out for 20 minutes, 3rd offense the entire group is asked to leave the facility.  If you lose a barrel cover you will be charged $5 for a replacement cover. Never bring your marker into Epic without a barrel cover or purchase a new one from us. 

• Do not shoot any signs or buildings out in the fields. You will be prosecuted from Epic and the owner of the building if you vandalize a building.

• No soliciting or advertising for any other paintball field or store while at Epic.

• If you steal anything from any other players or from Epic, you will be prosecuted.

• Refs are here to provide safety to all players including themselves. Epic takes pride in their facility and is very happy to have you play here, but Epic will not tolerate any one that is trying to put others in danger or not being able to follow the rules.

• By signing the waiver, you agree with the rules that Epic has given.

• Unauthorized removing your mask on the field is forbidden, we have the right to ask you to leave the field.

• Smoking is allowed only around the main complex building, safe areas, and parking lot and all smoking material must be put into a trash can after being fully extinguished. Please keep our facility clean at all times.

Field Rules

· SAFETY GOGGLES: Google must be worn by anyone in the playing field and target range at all times. Goggles meeting ASTM guidelines for paintball with full-face and ear protection are allowed. Guests must immediately report rental goggle lens cracks to the Referee or staff. Any goggle lens that has a crack is not allowed. Modifications are strictly prohibited.

· FIELD PAINT ONLY: For your safety and consistency of play. Non field supplied paint will not be allowed on the field. Players that are renting paintball equipment: Do not pick paintballs off the ground and put into the hopper (Hopper holds the paintballs). These paintballs will jam up the markers and will break paint all in the marker.

· NO SHOOTING IN UNDESIGNATED AREAS: No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones, or parking area or at wildlife or automobiles. Markers may only be discharged on the active field of play or target range. Any shooting at the telephone or electrical towers will be ejected from the field.

· BARREL SOCKS: are required at all times & may only be removed at the Target Range or by instruction of a Referee on the playing field. Squeegees and other such items may not be used unless as a temporary solution if your barrel sock was lost on the field. A replacement can be purchased onsite after the game and before you can resume playing again.

· NO BLIND SHOOTING: Players must look at where they are shooting. A player observed blind firing will be warned.

· PAINT CHECK: Paint check is when the ref checks a player to see if the ball broke or not. A player who thinks they hit another player or may have been hit themselves may request a paint check. The player being checked will be called neutral by the judge and other players may not shoot or advance toward that neutral player.

· SURRENDER RULES: A surrender distance is used to protect against close range shots that can hurt and make the game less pleasant. A mandatory surrender distance is 20 feet. Recreational players must surrender to the player asking for surrender. Walk-on or experienced players can waive the option to surrender but it’s advised against such actions and taken at your own risk.

· NO BONUS BALLING: Players who are hit 4 or more times will stay in the game, the player who overshot the player within a 100 foot safety distance will be out until next game. Overshooting a player within a 20 foot safety surrender distance could result in you sitting out of play for 30 minutes.

· BUNKERING RULES: First player to yell "Bunker" eliminates the players in or around the bunker or spool. If two players bunker each other at the same time the advancing player wins. If two players are both advancing and bunker each other or no clear winner is determined by a referee, both players are out.

· ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL: Players or spectators will not be allowed to argue with the referees under any circumstances.

· NO CLIMBING: of trees, vehicles, or any structure. Guest may not enter, climb on top, or go under any vehicle.

· NO CONSTRUCTION OF BOOBY TRAPS: Players may never construct anything that will hinder the movement of other players. Players are not allowed to construct any sort of barricades or bunkers. Players may not alter any natural or man-made features. Players may not construct trip lines.

· AVOID FIELD HAZARDS: Players should avoid all obvious hazards such as fences, ruts and vines. Players should report any hazards to Epic’s staff.

· LIMITED ALCOHOL / NO ILLEGAL DRUGS: Alcohol is only allowed to be consumed after play is over.  Anyone using or under the influence of alcohol or any other substance will be ejected from the field. Repeat violators will be asked to leave from the facility. Having a beer or glass of wine is fine being drunk isn't tolerated.

· NO VERBAL ABUSE or FIGHTING including, but not limited to: profanity, name-calling, or racial, ethnic, and/or religious slurs will not be tolerated. Any fighting will result in Police Action being taken. Remember it’s just a game.

· NO UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT or potentially dangerous gear is allowed. All firearms, knives, machetes, paint mines, etc. are strictly prohibited. The field operator must approve all equipment prior to use.

· PROPERTY & EQUIPMENT MODIFICATIONS ARE PROHIBITED: Players are not allowed to modify safety goggles, rental markers, bunkers, or any property on the premises.

· SPECTATORS are required to wear safety goggles unless they remain a minimum of three feet behind the safety netting at all times. No exceptions.

Epic Paintball Park

9420 West Interstate 40 Service Road,

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Phone. 405-679-3742


             get directions 

 Directions to Epic:
 GPS: 35.45557 , -97.674029 
Interstate I-40  & Morgan Rd. (exit #140) go South 2 blocks and Turn East on SW. 8th Street Follow the I-40 service road East past TEREX (ignore dead end signs) Continue 1 mile to our parking lot just south of the large EPIC sign.

Its best to arrive 15 min before start time for mask fitment, safety briefing & other preparations required before you start your first game

Weekend Bookings: 
Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 6:00pm 
Appointment highly advised
walk ons - call ahead

Weekday Bookings:
  By Appointment Only 
Mon.-Fri. 10:00am - 6:00pm
Late day booking call for availability
(Deposit required no exception)
  (8 players min.  Mon. - Friday)