Referee (safe, supervised play)
Protective Face Mask ($5 value)
 Paintball Marker/gun($10 value)
• Air for the day ($5 value)
Chest Protector ($5 value)
Discounted Paintballs included
All-day admission (no time limits)

*Advantages for You*

• Spectators watch for FREE
 No Stain PEG balls (clothing safe)
500 Paintballs per player not 100
    (500 paintballs lasts 1½ - 2 hours)
More paintballs can be bought
  Buy 3 bags get 1 free (save 25%)
Low impact-
children/adults (7+ yrs)
Standard impact- for older players
• Covered Picnic Tables to celebrate
 Outside food & drink allowed
      outside grills are allowed
  Package Prices
  (Monday - Saturday)
           Sales tax NOT included
1-10 players $36.95 per player
Equipment +500 paintballs per player

11+ players $32.12 per player
s charge $24.95 with 100 paintballs
Get 400 more paintballs for only $12 more at EPIC

  Sunday Special
(One Low Price For Everyone)
             Sales tax not included

1+ players  $31.95 per player
Equipment +500 paintballs per player
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

COVID19 preventive measures.

1. Epic has bought 90 new paintball masks. This is to insure that no mask is reused the same day.
2. Masks will be double sanitized. Once sanitized the masks will have a long period to dry. CDC recommends 10 mins, our masks will have hours to finish drying and insuring its sterile.
3. All guns will be sanitized vs washing with just water
4.  Groups will stage atleast 10+ feet apart from each other. 
5. Groups will get air refills seperately
6.  Limited # of players will be allowed at the park at any given time 50 or less 
7. To keep a limited # of players you must book an appointment
8.  Walk on players please call ahead of time for availability 

This is an outdoor sport and should be very safe to play. Epic is doing its best to insure a safe playing environment for you.

Anyone exhibiting signs of flu or flu like symptoms please come at another time or get tested before playing at EPIC.

Thanks for your attention and please stay safe.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Want to stay longer?
Need More Paintballs?
        Sales tax not included
500 Paintballs =$22.95 =1 bag
Buy 3 bags get a 4th bag FREE

Birthday Party Prices

School/Church Discount

Corporate Discount

Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
• Appointment advised to secure a spot
$5.25 per player holding deposit
No min player count (1 or 50 players)
• Walk On Players  (call ahead)
Online Waiver Required for all players
Private Play avail. on 10+ player group
Arrive 10-20 minutes before start time
  for check in and safety preparations.

Weekday (Monday - Friday)
Appointment Only (must be booked)
$105.00 group deposit required
    (Competitors charge $250 save 60%)
Online Reservation or call to book
 Min. 7 players during the weekday
 Online Waiver Required
 Call ahead for same day service

Own your own Mask , Tank & Gun
$15 field fee + Cost of Paintballs
                      a la cart
Paintball Mask- $5 (included in package)
Tank Rental- $5  (included in package)
Gun/Marker- $10 (included in package)
Chest Protector- $5 (included in package)
Air for the  day- $5 (included in package)
     Enola Gaye Grenade- $10
 (min age of 16 years to use gernade)
Electronic Hopper Upgrade for $5 
Lite Tank Upgrade for $5


Check Availability

$5.25/player booking deposit required
Rescheduling different date transfers the deposit. 
EPIC respectfully requires 24 hour notice for
See DEPOSIT page for more info
our deposit guidelines

     We accept for Payments
Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Venmo & Cash
 Venmo & Cash are rounded to nearest dollar
   Venmo & cash has no convenience fee
convenience fe
        For Venmo app Copy & Paste 

Epic Paintball does not combine discounts
    (Client receives the better discount)

Directions To Field

Epic Paintball Park

9420 West Interstate 40 Service Road,

Oklahoma City, OK 73128

Phone. 405-679-3742

Email. epicpaintballpark@yahoo.com

             get directions 

                    Directions to Epic:
  GPS is 35.4555781 , -97.6740293 
Interstate I-40  & Morgan Rd. (exit #140) go South 2 blocks and Turn East on SW. 8th Street Follow the I-40 service road East past TEREX (ignore dead end signs) Continue 1 mile to our parking lot just south of the large EPIC sign.

Its best to arrive 15 min before start time for ask fitment, safety briefing & other preparations required before you start your first game


Weekend Bookings: 
Saturday 10:00am -5:30pm
Sunday 12:00am - 5:30pm 
Appointment highly advised
walk ons - call ahead

Weekday Bookings:
  By Appointment Only 
Mon.-Fri. 10:00am - 5:30pm
(Deposit required no exception)
  (7 players min.  Mon. - Fri.)
($105 deposit required)